Where the is lower part of this Japanese little boy?

Don't be fooled by the camouflage!

A Japanese netizen happened to come across her mother and son on her way home. She was shocked that her son only had the upper body suspended in midair when she saw them from far away. The mother thought she was the excessive fatigue of her eyes that made her see something unbelievable. However, when she took a closer look, she found out it's only an illusion. She uploaded a photo of her son's wearing on twitter, fooling many neitizen.

Photo via Internet

She thought that she had worked at a computer for a long time, so her eyes was too tired to see clearly. However, she later found out that the color and pattern of her son's pants was similar to the ground. The pants is just like a camouflage that fool her eye.

She immediately took a photo and uploaded it to twitter, sharing such a visual magic with neitizens.

Photo via Twitter

Some netizens commented that: "at first glance, I thought I saw ghosts." "this is magic at all." "the best camouflage in the city." "trousers are fully immersed in the background."