'Domesticated' tiger attacks zookeeper to death in Chinese zoo

On Sunday, a zookeeper has been attacked to death in a Chinese zoo by a "domesticated" tiger he raised since it was a cub.

The worker, named as Mr Wu, was employed by Fuzhou Zoo and raised the tiger since it was a cub. It's said that it had been domesticated through long-term interaction with humans. 

When the incident happened, Wu was with the tiger inside a metal cage which is for the former circus performance to train animals to exercise. The big cat suddenly bit and suffocated Wu to death when they were together, according to the officials in Fuzhou City in China's eastern Fujian Province. 

Video screencap

Video screencap

The horrific moment was captured by witnesses. The man was bitten by the animal and his blood flowed on the ground. Passersby outside the cage have tried to scare and drive the tiger away, but even the big cat left the man, he was unresponsive. 

He was declared dead later by paramedics. 

Video screencap

Video screencap

Fuzhou Zoo said the zoo has been commanded to stop all shows of wild animals before the incident. Animals like lions and tigers are requested to be moved away. 

The involved tiger is waiting to be moved.