Elephant Polo Tournament mahouts filmed abuse animals

The trainers were captured to stick the elephants with metal robs and jabbed them with the sharp hook. 

King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament in Bangkok is a prestigious polo tournament sponsored by big American companies. However, some mahouts who train elephants for the tournament have been captured to allegedly abusing them in Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort.


Credit: PETA

Animal rights charity PETA released the video showing how mahouts training elephants in an abusive way. They beat the animal with metal robs and jab it with hooks. They have hit so hard and for so many times. 

PETA explained the trainer abuse the elephants to devastate their spirits and obey the human instructions. Ironically, the Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort website claims it plays a ‘vital’ role in conservation of elephants in Thailand.

Credit: PETA

PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk said: 'Beating elephants into “playing” polo for public amusement while claiming to fund elephant conservation is a cruel scam, and the sponsors must pull out now.'

As the video catches much attention, a spokesman for Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort admits the sponsors are upset by the mistreatment of animals and says that those elephant handlers filmed have been expelled from the tournament immediately.