Miracle happens: Cat survives after being impaled on three metal fence poles


A miracle moment happened when a lucky cat impaled on three mental fence poles got survived by the RSPCA in Cricklewood, north west London, at around 3:50 am last Friday, according to the local media. 

Photo via RSPCA

Photo via RSPCA

The horrific scene was discovered by a passerby who found the brown cat got trapped on the top of the eight-foot-tall fence. 

The RSPCA rushed to the scene to try to help the poor animal, but then they call for help later.

Photo via RSPCA

Photo via RSPCA

The cat has amazingly survived and is now recovering from emergency surgery. RSPCA inspectors said they had no ideas how the little animals got stuck on the three poles. 

Deputy chief inspector Nicole Broster said she had taken the emergency call and was so much worried about the cat. She said she couldn't believe it had been still alive. 

Nicole added she had been incredibly shocked when she arrived since she had never seen anything like that even for years in the RSPCA.

Photo via RSPCA

She wanted to recuse the cat by herself by she quickly realised it was not a possible option so she called the London Fire Brigade whose specialist equipment she thought could save animal more efficiently.

The inspector described the fire service, as well as the vets, were fantastic. After the operation on Friday, the vet found the fence had narrowly missed the cat's vital organs, with one piercing his back leg and a second piercing his abdomen.

The fence has not removed and the cat has been recovering well. How the cat was pierced is still under investigation.