Photographer captures sweet moment of two polar bears cuddling 

Sweet and beautiful! <3

Traveler and photographer Igor Azkargorta, 51, has captured the loving moment of polar bears cuddling in Churchill, Canada.

The images show two polar bears hug each other with their arms and faces nuzzled into other's fur, while they were fighting only a few minutes before. 

Igor Altuna / Mercury Press

Igor Altuna / Mercury Press

The photographer said he loves photographing polar bears since they are curious animals. He also said that Churchill is well known for its polar bear population and a good place take pictures of them. The particular time there were around 20 polar bears. 

"The younger bears were playing but the mothers were defending their offspring from other bears," he said. 

Igor Altuna / Mercury Press

Igor said his favourite place to shoot photos is Botswana and it was his first trips to Africa 20 years ago. And he loves to photograph Lycaons, a type of wild dog. 

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