Woman reminded every day her husband divorces her after she's ill

The disease causes her short-term memory loss and new pain every day.

A Russian woman who suffers from short-term memory loss is reminded every day that her husband has divorced her. The tragic moment when she heard the 'news' and cried touches so many people online. 


Veronika Mescheryakova, 29, is subject to a degenerative disease called porphyria, leaving her severe pain, breathing problems and memory loss. Her short-term memory keeps declining though surgeons try hard to stop disease worsening.


Unfortunately, her husband gave up her in November last year. What's worse, Veronika's mother has to tell her that he will not be coming home from work anymore.


The disease even paralyzed her from the waist down. Veronika’s mother is helping her with physiotherapy in the hope she will walk again. She also hopes that she will get back together with back with her ex-husband.