Model sues 30 netizens for defamation because of their malicious comments

"big tits, but no brains." What do you think with the comment like this?

Taiwan's Yumi.K, a celebrity on social media and a female model, attracts nearly 300,000 followers with good appearance and hot body shape. She often shares sexy photos online. But recently she has reported to accuse many Internet users.

Some netizens living in the southern Taiwan suddenly received a notice requesting them to go to the northern police station to make a record. Because Yumi.K had accused them of impeding her reputation.

Yumi.K explained to the media that the this case was out of frustration. Last August, she wrote a self-deprecating post on Facebook. “It must be very awkward to forget to wear underwear when seeing going to doctor's." Afterwards, the post was spread by the media.

Her parents saw someone mocking and bullying their daughter. They couldn't bear these humiliation so that they sued 30 Internet users suspected of defamatory.

Yumi.K emphasizes that it is not deliberately targeting fans. "If I really want to sue my fans, how can I pick this one only?", but her parents feels uncomfortable when seeing comments like "big tits, but no brains", so they finally got help from lawyers and screened out some malicious comments that were specifically suspected of being defamatory. "Now everything is handed to the lawyers. I don't know much about the details."

Regarding being accused by their idols, these netizens felt betrayed and slammed, "How can you do this to me! I am so damn for her, and I give her praise in each case. But I am accused now just because of a joke."