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Female tourist striping naked near Thai sacred rock shaped like a penis ignites outrage of local people

A female tourist has ignited anger on a holiday island in Thailand after stripping herself naked and being captured near a sacred rock shaped like a penis.

Viral Press

The undressing woman was seen standing next to the Hin Ta, also Grandfather Rock, on the island of Koh Samui yesterday. 

She was captured rubbing herself against the rock which the locals believe the spirit of an old man is imbued.

Viral Press

The images she was photographed were posted online and caused outrage of residents who are now asking the police to catch the woman and make her publicly apologise for her disrespectful behaviour. 

Shop owners and some residents said they feel uncomfortable to see the pictures since the rock is special and represent their island. They thought it is an insult and offensive. 

Viral Press

The Hin Ta rock is a tourist attraction on the island. 

Police has confirmed they had received a complaint about the naked tourist and were investigating.

A spokesman said, "this is not acceptable and officers will investigate the images and try to find the woman."