Being boiled in hot water, 'bleeding' apple shocked netizens to find reason online

Will apples "bleed"?

Recently, a woman in Zhejiang Province, China, was shocked by the little blood-like beads on apple peel after immersing the apple in boiling water.

She immediately took pictures and asked for help on the Internet, causing worries about apples being stained by unscrupulous merchants. 

However, this is in fact a normal and an explicable phenomenon!

From the photos posted by the woman, the apple becomes dull in color after being soaked in hot water. There are some red drops of liquid covered on the fruit.

The woman said that she likes to eat the Red Delicious, a type of apple cultivated in the US. She put the apple into the hot water since she was waked by hunger in the cold weather. 

"The apple becomes.... just after lunchtime", she wrote. "Right after those beads were cleaned, more come out... and comparing to those unsoaked ones, it looks a lot lighter. Can anybody explain this for me ?"

It aroused heated discussions among netizens. Some suspected that the merchant had waxed the apples. Some joked,  "The apple was killed by you. She was bleeding..."

The local media has consulted the experts and they said the phenomenon was normal. They explained anthocyanins in apple peels will be degraded at high temperatures and since the anthocyanin is a natural pigment, it will seep out red water.

Anthocyanins are antioxidants that fight off free radicals and reduce body damages. The media also pointed out that southern people in the country seldom cook apples, so they are astonished about this while people who live in the north are not surprised at all.