Woman's tongue became extremely swollen after being bitten by a spider

It might ruin your tongue if you are bitten by a spider!

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Instagram account HealMeDoc regularly shares medical cases online. A picture posted by him alarmed many netizens. In the picture, a woman's tongue became swollen after being bitten by a spider.

In some cases, spider bite symptoms may be very mild. But in other cases, it would lead to fatal injury. It depends on the type of spider. According to HealMeDoc, anyone who is bitten by a brown recluse, black widow, hobo spider, tarantula, or a Brazilian wandering spider should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

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It can be seen in the picture that the patient's tongue was extremely swollen and purple in color. Many netizens share the photo on facebook.

HealMeDoc reminds the public that many people wouldn't notice the bite until hours later some obvious symptoms appear. For nonvenomous spider bites, you can apply an ice pack on the wound. However, if you are bitten by venomous spiders, you must stay cautious and visit the doctors as soon as possible. 

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Many netizens said they were shocked by the picture. Some also argue that the patient's tongue might be infected with a virus otherwise the symptoms wouldn't become so severe.