Disgusting clip shows starving elephant abused by illegal traffickers

She died in her excrement at last. It's so heartbreaking!

An appalling clip exposed shows a starving elephant was tortured in the last hours of her miserable life. Laxmi was poached from the wild as a calf and sold to illegal elephant trafficking industry.

She was separated from family and chained up for years, suffering malnutrition and abuse. 30 years old is not old for an elephant. But Laxmi as so weak and thin.

What's more, she was attacked by a man with sharp spears in the clip, making the poor animal almost tumble over.

When the Forest Department arrived to rescue the animal, her carcass lay chained and surrounded by urine and excrement in a dark room, with the abuser disappearing. 

Animal welfare organization Wildlife SOS claimed they were determined to bring justice to Laxmi and all those elephants suffering such atrocities.