Bloated mother determines to lose weight and becomes CEO who was dumped by husband

She lives well even without her selfish ex-husband!

A Singaporean woman has turned from 80lbs to 210lbs after her labor and she had no time to keep fit because she had to take care of her sick son and mother. The busy mum finally quit her job to look after the family while her husband didn't appreciate her efforts but resented her and had an affair behind her, leading the couple ended up in divorce.

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The 36-year-old, Tingyi Ho, weighed only 132 lbs before her pregnancy and 210lbs at her highest after giving a birth to her son. Ho revealed that her son had suffered from the "Kawasaki Disease" which required her especially a long time, 16 hours a day, to take care of him.

"Don't even mention keep fit! I have to no time to see myself in the mirror," said the tough mother. 

She was the vice president of a bank but she gave up the position because of her son, but what she had done was not appreciated by her husband. She was dumped by the man who said she was "fat, ugly and poor" and betrayed her. 

However, adversity didn't bring the mother down. She swore to have a better life without her ex-husband.


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Ho lost 88lbs in eight months, turning from 210 to 117lbs, which she gets even fitter than her labour. She resumed her work after the recovery of her son and she is now the CEO of a bank. She even joint the beauty pageant of Singapore to encourage positivity.