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Man suspected of having affair with householder climbs from balcony to ground

Netizens say, 'this should not be the first time.' 

Recently, a video showing a man wearing only pants climbing down from a balcony to the ground has gone viral on the internet because netizens doubted the man is having an affair with the householder and by his agile actions, they said this should not be his first time. 

The man in red pants can be seen running to the balcony with his belongings in the video. He puts on a t-shirt, with a printed Chinese surname "Lee", and throws other stuff, including clothes, trousers, and his bag etc to the ground from the second floor. 

He then takes out a long rope, skillfully hooks it to the air-con and climbs down. He arrives the ground safely and runs immediately. 

Netizens comment that "Good installation", "Skilful man and sufficient preparation. A very clear escape route can be seen. Is he a usual comer?" or "He must be a 'recidivist'".