Brazilian whoremaster kicks and hits alleged woman-dressed male prostitute fiercely on street 

Well... can't define whose fault this is!

A controversial video of a Brazilian man chasing a "woman" and hitting her fiercely has been recently uploaded online. 

The man can be heard speaking foul languages to the woman and endlessly hitting her but no one comes to stop him only until the two are too noisy.

According to local reports, the incident happened in Fortaleza, north-east of Brazil when the man, who was a whoremaster, tried to find a prostitute but had found the woman-dressed man, igniting his rage to hit and kick the "her".

Comments run after the video are diverse. Some say "Who wants to have sex with a man?" or guess the "woman" had stolen money from the man. 

But some people take the side for the prostitute saying, "Why treats him like this. He may only be a sex worker serving bi-sexual clients." or "Why didn't someone help?"