Nonsense scene on wedding in China: bride sits on male guests' lap to be touched and kissed

What is this? That's insane!

Farces on a wedding are notorious in China. Male guests are often captured being rude or even raunchy to the bride and the bridesmaids. 

Recently, a video has captured a farce happens to a Chinese bride who is forced not only drinking with the male guests but also sitting on their laps to be touched and kissed. 

In the 8-minute video, the woman wearing a tight Chinese wedding gown, Cheongsam, has to toast all the male comers who gather in one small. 

Those men can be seen taking turns to sit on a chair to hold the bride on their laps. They touch her waist and breasts and even kiss her when she is not paying her attention. 

Rage was ignited online. Netizens asked where the groom was and criticised why he let her wife suffered such kinds of insult.