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Woman asks for RMB100,000 compensation after finding mouse tail in ice lolly

Terrible! I would never eat ice lollies if I were her!

A woman, from Huai'an, Jiangsu Province, said on 24 April that she bought an ice lolly in red bean flavour from a supermarket and found something hairy and hard after having a few bites of it.

The customer, Ms Yang, took a look at it and found that was a mouse’s tail, with the possibility that the mouse's body was in the lolly.

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Ms Yang was so much shocked and went back to the supermarket with anger. She asked for compensation of 100,000 yuan (approximately USD 15,000) from the supermarket, with the inspection fees included. 

The shop owner agreed to compensate the victim by giving her a few more lollies and 2000 yuen (approximately USD 256), but Yang rejected the offer and thought the owner's attitude was too bad to be accepted. 

She said, "If he eats it (ice lolly), I will let go of the compensation."

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Ms Yang called Food and Drug Administration under Jiangsu Provincial Bureau to file a complaint. However, the officials said, according to the Food Safety Law, the maximum compensation would be only RMB 1,000 (approximately USD160) even if she could prove the incident true. 

Besides, while the manufacturer is located in Shandong Province, which is out of their governed area, they do not have the power to punish them. They said they could only pass cases to the Shandong authorities.

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The Bureau sent the case to the Market and Quality Supervision Authority of Qingjiang Pu District, Huai'an City. The relevant staff recommended Ms Yang to go to hospital for examination first.

They suggested her to present the diagnosis certificate before coming to claim for compensation, or they can provide a termination mediation report to Ms Yang for her court indictment.

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A media have contacted the manufacturers in Shandong. They said they had already known about the incident but denied that there was a problem with the quality of their product. They welcomed Ms Yang to handle through legal procedures.