The incarnation of God? 23-year-old Indian man sizes as one-year-old baby

Weird things happen all around the world!

A 23-year-old man in India was called "dwarf" by his neighbors since he ceased to grow a year after he was born, which causes him to look like a baby.

The hilarious locals even saw him as "the incarnation of God."

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Manpreet Singh, 23, lives in Hisar, northwestern India, was very healthy at birth. However, his body stopped growing before he learned to speak and walk. Now he is 1.5ft tall and only weighs about 5 kilograms. 

Manpreet has a younger sister and a younger brother, but both of them have good physical and mental development and do not have the same problems as him. Local doctors believe that Manpreet is suffering from hormonal disorders.

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Some scientists believe that may have a rare genetic disease - Laron Syndrome, which is commonly known as dwarf dwarfism. He is being taken care by his aunt and uncle since his parents were unable to look after the so-small "baby". 

Singh's palms and feet are swollen and his face is sagging. Although he can cry, laugh, scream, and speak monosyllable words, he cannot talk normally and communicate mainly through sign language.

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Singh’s uncle said that he is like a toddler clown and rarely feels sad. Most of the time he feels pleasant. He will try to shake hands and communicate with guests. Only when dogs' or other animals' sound can scare him and make him cry.

Because of his special figure, Singh is enthusiastically sought after by the locals and is even considered the "incarnation of God."

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Compared to his own parents, Singh loves his uncle and aunt better. "We sent him back to his parents several times, but he would not stay with them, cry, and refuse to eat. But when he comes back to us again, he will become a lively and happy child," said his uncle. 

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So far, Singh has not yet been diagnosed because his family could not afford the inspection fees and the treatment would probably cost about 500,000 rupees (approximately USD7,500). 

Now his family is crowdfunding on the Internet and hope to raise money for his treatment.