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Attention seeker: little boy strips off pants to pee when his mum is being proposed 

Hahaha...what a cute boy!

A hilarious moment has been captured when a 3-year-old boy stripping off his pants to pee in his mother's proposal, who has become the highlight of the footage. 

The boy upstaged the couple when Kevin Przytula, 33, tried to propose to his 27-year-old girlfriend, Allyssa Anter, who is also the mum of the boy, Owen, on 13 May in Bay City, Michigan.

Owen drops his pants down to his knee and pees directly on the ground. Kevin's 11-year-old, who took the clip, can be heard laughing uncountably and said shockingly, "Oh my God." 

Video screencap

Video screencap

The overjoyed couple only realised that Owen os peeing after Allyssa agrees to his proposal and they hug each other for almost 30 seconds. 

"Oh my God he's peeing, are you serious?" Kevin says laughing.

Video screencap

Video screencap

The video has been posted on Facebook and reached over 56k views and 300 shares but was later deleted. 

Video screencap

Allyssa talked to the media, "He stole the show, for sure."

"He pees outside at home sometimes in the yard, and we went and got ice cream the other day and he did it in the parking lot there,' Anter said. 'He just does it without telling anybody, he just pulls his pants down and goes."

She said they have been training Owen to use the potty for about a month and said the boy is still in a work in progress.