Bizarre species found in China having bird-shaped head and and fish body

GM species?

Recently, a video capturing a weird looking creature which has a bird-shaped head and and fish body found in China went viral on the internet. 

Video screencap

The species found in Guizhou, south-west China, with a pigeon's head and a fish body is believed a deformed carp, according to a local fishery expert. 

The video has been circulating on Chinese online forums and Facebook in the last week. Many netizens compared the creature with a pigeon, parrot or dolphin.

And many of them wondered why this "fish" appears and suggested a range of possibility like, "Is this a cross-breed of carp and dolphin?" or "It looks like a radioactive fish to me." 

Video screencap

Video screencap

Video screencap

It's still not comfirmed what exactly the creature is but International Union for Conservation of Nature said water pollution, genetic mutations and injury early in life could cause to the abnormal appearance of the fish.

Yang Xing, an expert from the Guizhou Fisheries Research Institute, told local media that deformation is commonly seen among the freshwater fish species.

"One possibly is that the embryo was damaged when it was growing; another possibility is that the lack of oxygen in water - due to over-crowded fishing farming - caused the fish's head to be deformed," he said.