UK rail company posts video disclosing road users risking lives to cross road in order to warn public

Dangerous road users!

UK rail company Network Rail posted a video on Facebook, disclosing the behaviours of some violating road users risking their lives to grab some convenience.

The video was captured by the CCTV at the Poole High Street crossing, showing many violators whack to gate while it's ready to close. 

Many of them ignored the use of the gate which they sometimes pick it up to pass it. 

Video screencap

Video screencap

Video screencap

Video screencap

Network Rail wrote in the post, "Eighty-six incidents were recorded in Dorset last year - 36% on Poole High Street level crossing."

"The cyclists and pedestrians from this footage were extremely lucky to have avoided serious harm – the consequences could have been so much worse," it said.

"Incidents of this nature, particularly where people think they can make it over the level crossing before the barrier closes, are worryingly common in Dorset - particularly at Poole High Street.