Daredevil stuntman performs extreme tricks on Shanghai skyscaper

If you're scared of heights then look away now!

AP/Cater TV photo

These videos show the nail-biting moments the professional photographer Nikita Deft performs a series of dangerous stunts on top of a skyscraper in Shanghai, China.

AP/Cater TV photo

The 21-year-old from Russia, combines elements of parkour, acrobatics and extreme art in order to carry out these difficult-to-watch tricks.

Nikita said, "I started doing this four years ago on buildings about ten floors high.

"The first time it was very scary and exciting; I couldn't look down.

"Gradually I began to get myself under control and now I'm confident at any height."

AP/Cater TV photo

The brave youngster, who trained as a boxer before realising his hobby of performing death-defying stunts, said he loves doing what he does and travels around the world looking for extreme locations.

AP/Cater TV photo

AP/Cater TV photo

In the videos, Nikita can be seen scaling the side of a residential building and doing a back-flip on the edge of a skyscraper, with the Shanghai city-scape in the background.

"In these moments, I don't think about anything otherwise things can go wrong.

"It's a huge release of adrenaline; I feel the energy and I just go!"