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Fried chicken lover in Macau with tattoo 'KFC' on feet wins free meals for year

Any fried chicken fan wants one?

A 19-year-old Sydney girl, Brooke Collins,  in Australia, won a year of free KFC meals on the International Fried Chicken Day with her "KFC" tattoos on foot. 

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Brooke said she added the tattoos in 2012 when she had a trip to Gold Coast. She and her friends stabbed the "KFC" tattoo on their ankles as their "friendship marks" since they all love fried chickens.

She mentioned the that the tattooist was surprised to hear their requests at the time, but they just did what they wanted.

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Later, in an event held by KFC on the International Fried Chicken Day, the fast food chain invited netizens to left comments on their fan page and selected the best message to present a "fried chicken cheque" offering the winner free fried chickens for one year.

Brooke eventually won the game with her "KFC" tattoo and can enjoy one-year free chickens worth up to US$5,200.

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However, netizens have negatively evaluated the results of the competition and her tattoos, saying, "She will regret for her tattoos," "stupid" and so on.

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