18-month-old boy gets leg snapped when her mum takes him down slide on lap

Parents, attention!

This is a terrifying accident a toddler's leg snapped when his mother was taking him down a slide on her lap.

Shona Keetley, 26 and her boyfriend, James, 31, took their 18-month-old son George to the park at Rand Farm Park in Lincolnshire. James filmed the moments when Keetley way playing with George on the slide.

According to the video, George sits on Keetley's lap knees and appears to be very excited, but suddenly there is a slamming sound and the little child starts crying.

Online photo

Online photo

Online photo

His right foot that had been locked under her mum's lap and twisted when it slipped.

Kittery stops sliding and picks George up from the installation immediately. 

Video screencap

In the rest of the footage, the 18-month-old can be seen walking with his legs wrapped. The mother disclosed the clip since she wants the public to pay attention to the safety when having fun with their children.