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Chongqing people challenge to soak in pepper water at high temperatures

Do you dare to try it?

Chongqing is known as a stove in the summer. The city's Mexin Village of Wine held a spicy barrel challenge, which attracted many people to feel the extremely hot weather by soaking themselves in buckets full of chilli peppers.

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At the event, various types of peppers were filled in some large plastic buckets. Challengers can choose the normal hot, extremely hot, hellish hot or "actually not hot" bucket to bathe in. For those can insist for five minutes, they can take a bottle of imported wine home.

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More than ten of one-meter-high buckets were filled with different kinds of chillies, such as Cell peppers, Capsicums, New Mexico chiles so on.

The entire bucket can be seen as crowded with peppers and you can imagine how hot it is. But, of course, the combination was skillfully handled by the event organiser in order to reduce the irritation brought to the challengers' skin.

However, those who dare to challenge are still thought as courageous.

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For safety reasons, many people chose the "normal hot" option, including a 5-year-old kid, while some thought that only staying in the tub was not enough so they even tasted the peppers. Participant Ms Li said, "It’s not spicy at all. It's very exciting, we Chongqing girls are never afraid of chillies."

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The organiser pointed out that they had soaked the peppers before the competition so that it would not be so irritating to affect people’s skin. They had also tested Bell peppers and Capsicums peppers in advance, knowing they are not that spicy. 

They said they encouraged tourists to take the challenge for fun based on safety.

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