Two children play hide-and-seek on ledge of 33-story building in China

How can they climb out?

A video has caught the dangerous moment of two children playing hide-and-seek on the ledge of a 33-story building in Lanzhou city, north China. 

Two little can be seen walking on the narrow ledge on the building's wall without any protection. 

The frightening clip is filmed by a resident at the opposite building. The pair can die once they accidentally lose the balance. 

Online photo

Online photo

Online photo

"The children don't know they are in danger. Our manager immediately contacted their parents after found them outside the building," said a staff member of the construction in the video. 

She also said it's now the summer holiday, so children would go out more often. She told the two boys are now safe. 

It's unclear when they climbed out of their apartment.