5-year-old boy survives after falling from 7th-floor building and caught by neighbours in Belarus

The desperate hours!

A 5-year-old boy punished by his mother to stay at home alone in Minsk, Belarus climbed out of a window of a 7th floor flat and fell. Luckily, his neighbors used a blanket to catch the frightened boy.

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In the video, the boy struggled at the window frame before his neighbour saw him and quickly fetched a blanket to hold up, in case the boy slipped.

At last, the boy lost his grip and fell down, but was caught successfully. The momentum made the blanket torn, yet the boy survived though he fell to the ground. A doctor at the spot did first aid for him and then sent him to hospital. The hospital said that the boy had internal hemorrhage but complete rehabilitation was possible.

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A local security guard first saw the little boy hanging from the window and raised the alarm.

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The boy’s mother was shocked when she knew what had happened. The boy said that he only wanted to go out.

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Witness pointed out that the boy had asked forgiveness and promised he would not be naughty again before this emergent accident.