Brazilian man saves lives of his daughter and wife before being shot 5-time by gunman

The love in such a life or death situation is the greatest one.

This is a terrible but touching moment a Brazilian lawyer was murdered by a hitman when he took off his car with his wife and daughter. When the lawyer knew the death was coming, he handed his daughter to his wife before the hitman's "execution".

According to the CCTV footage, 46-year-old Andre Ribeiro got off the car and walked to the back seat to take out his daughter while his wife got off by herself. 

Unexpectedly, a gunman rushed out and aimed at Ribeiro. As he realised that he has no chances to survive, he just handed his daughter to his wife and let them leave calmly. 

Online Photo

Online photo

After making sure that they are safe, the brave man crawled down on the ground to face the execution.  

Online photo

Online photo

The murderer shot five bullets to him and ran away with Ribeiro’s wife and daughter uninjured. The police are now investigating this case.