Model breastfeeding on catwalk show in Miami raises discussion online

So do you think this is appropriate?

Recently, a hot discussion about a model breastfeeding on a catwalk show in Miami, the USA, has been raised online. 

The blonde model Mara Martin clad in the swimsuit can be seen holding a baby and breastfeeding it while she was running the catwalk. 

Online photo

Mara fed her five months old daughter on the Sports Illustrated annual swimwear show, with a pair of headphones put on the baby in order to avoid her from the noise music and crowds made.

She walked confidently on the stage and thought there was nothing weird. 

Online photo

The mother later said on Instagram that it was surprised when she found what she and her daughter did every day was on the headline.

Many netizens praised her move "inspirational". Some supporters said, "You are so so brave. Thank you for helping to normalize breastfeeding! That makes me so happy!" while some people thought she aimed to attract the public attention only.

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