Mother defends son who touches young woman’s butt by hitting and insulting victim

Very bad example for the child!

Last weekend, a mother of boy fought with a young woman at the entrance to the El Teatro Fandango in Shanghai Disneyland when the young lady said she was touched by her 8-year-old boy.

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What shocks was that, instead of saying sorry, the child's mother turned angry and scolded the victim using foul language. Th mother even picked up a straw hat and hit on the woman. 

According to the video, the mother's companion in a white shirt can be heard blaming on the woman who was touching being too straight to the child, saying "Just a touch! What are you yelling at?"

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Then, the mother in black clothes picked up the straw hat hit the young woman. The passers-by stood out to stop but being scolded by them,“ Piss off! None of your business!"

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"Why do you hit me?" said the young woman when she seems having no chance to fight back.

Finally, the Disney staff came out to stop the flight. The woman beaten cried: "They beat me, all three of them beat me."

However, the woman in white was not ashamed for what she did. She pointed at the young woman’s face and shouted loudly, "You must have paranoia! Who would touch a woman looking like you!"

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The film has been viral on the Internet. Most netizens think that the mother teaches his child in the worst way. Mothers should be children's model in their growth. They wonder how children can behave well if their mother doesn't.


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"This mother's behavior is actually telling the child that even if you are deliberately touching, there is a mother who will support you," said one netizen. 

" you can see that how low quality the mother has when her finger pointing on one’s face," commented another. 

“It is too bad to behave like this in front of the child!"