Girlfriend stays with 16-year-old British boyfriend till his extubation after he was drowned

What a tragedy! Hope the girl can get well soon. 

Blake Ward, a 16-year-old boy from the UK, was unfortunately suffocated when swimming in the sea off Gwynedd in northern Wales, causing severe brain damage. To alleviate his pain, the doctor and his family decided to remove the tube from his body on 4th, Saturday, to let him die peacefully.

Before his death, his girlfriend Stephanie Ray was lying in his arms and gave him the last hug, which the scene was moving.

16-year-old Blake Ward (Online photo)

The tragedy took place on 31 July when Blake went to the beach with his family and played in the water. Under the heated weather, they jumped into the sea to cool down, but unexpectedly, a big wave rushed to Blake and two other teenagers in a sudden and took them away.

The police then dispatched two helicopters, three lifeboats, and a large number of marine police and ambulanceman to try to rescue them. Blake was sent to hospital, but unfortunately it was told by the doctor that his brain had been severely damaged and might never wake up.

(Online photo)

Since the doctor suggested disconnecting Blake's life-care equipments, coupled that the family will did not want him to suffer anymore, so they agreed to the doctor's suggestion to let the youngster die at around 7 am on Saturday.

Before Blake passed away, Stephanie walked onto his bed and hugged her lover. She put his right hand on hers shoulder, and said goodbye to him with the last hug.

(Online photo)

She uploaded the photo to the social networking site, frankly never forgetting Ward. "How important Blake is to me... He will always occupy a special position in my heart. I will never forget you, I will let you proud and always love you."

(Online photo)

Stephanie Ray is currently raising money for Blake's funeral expenses on the Internet. A large number of netizens are deeply touched by their feelings and have sent their hearts.