10 of the most rib-tickling Fantasy Premier League team names

Fantasy football pre-season is mostly spent worrying about whether to invest more heavily in midfield or attack, but a few minutes at least will be given to picking a team name.

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The good people at Fantasy Premier League allow managers just 20 characters to play with, so there’s not much room for messing around.

That said, each year a plethora of fantastically funny team names rear their heads, so here are 10 of the most appropriate for the 2018/19 season.

10. 1FlewOverLukakusNest – @KieronPearce

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In at number 10, this one would be higher if it didn’t have to be absolutely rammed in with numbers, no spaces and an appalling absence of an apostrophe making it possible. Still good, though.

9. Kouyate Kid – @Ross_FPL

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A simple, topical pun. Cheikhou Kouyate moved from West Ham to Crystal Palace this summer, but will he kick on this season?

8. Klopps and Robertson – @nikszo

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In at eight, a nice play on words between Liverpool’s manager and his left-back Andrew Robertson. It’s cops and robbers, in case you didn’t get it.

7. Giroud Sandstorm – @JoePaulBenton

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Remember Sandstorm by Darude? Yeah, that.

6. Bacuna Morata – @Ross_FPL

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An update on the original Leandro Bacuna joke, this time with added Alvaro Morata!

5. Sarri not Sarri – @kingsoflyon7

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And keeping the Chelsea theme going, the Blues’ new manager Maurizio Sarri. No apologies necessary for that pun.

4. Alisson Wonderland – @WorldOfOlly

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Seamless from Liverpool’s new goalkeeper Alisson Becker, who was worth the massive transfer fee just for that pun.

3. When Harry Met Salah – @FilipStray

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Harry Maguire, meet Mohamed Salah.

2. Mee, my Delph and Ibe – @Linn_FPL

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Three players you probably won’t see in the headlines much this season, despite the excellent punnage that they have provided here.

1. Childish Firmino – @cvmbrady

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Simple. Elegant. Original.