Man fakes own death by staging mortuary photos to avoid supporting family back at home

A husband Danny Gonzalez, 27, currently working in the US was fed up with supporting his wife and family back home in Honduras - and his "million-dollar-idea" was to fake his own death just to stop his wife from asking him for money.

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Gonzalez took multiple photos supposedly depicting his untimely "demise", such as with cotton wool stuffed into his nostrils and mouth, and a white sheet over his body to simulate being in a morgue bed.

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He also sent a picture of a flower-covered coffin in a funeral parlour along with the other photos to his wife living back home in Saba, southern Honduras. An attached message told her that he had died from cancer and asthma.

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However, it wasn't long before the hoax backfired after the news of his passing reached his shocked friends, wife and elderly parents, when local media in his hometown started to report his untimely death.

It wasn't long before relatives started to notice that Gonzalez seemed to be grinning in the photos. Others noticed that he appeared to be lying on a bed mattress and using a pillow cover to imitate the white sheet usually used to cover a corpse in the morgue. 

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He finally admitted to constructing the ploy to make his wife of two years believe he had passed away when the local media found him alive.