Parents leave baby girl in 32°C sealed car after taking excessive heroin, fainting in front of car

Two years after finishing drug rehabilitation, the addiction relapsed.

A pair of addicted parents in the US excessively taking heroin have left their little baby girl in a sealed car while they fainted in front of the car.

43-year-old Eric Asher and his fiancee found the parents when they were driving through the parking lot. They realised the parents were unconscious and a baby girl was locked in the car under the high temperature of 32 degrees. Eric immediately got the baby girl out of the car and sent her to hospital for treatment. 

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According to local reports, Eric and his fiancee witnessed the scene on 10 August when they were looking for a place to park their car in the lot. They saw a man and a woman lying on the ground next to a car, so they walked close to them. Surprisingly Eric found that there was a baby girl in the car. 

The girl was found sweating because she has been trapped in the sealed car under the hot weather of 32 degrees. Fortunately, the car door was unlocked and Eric took the baby out immediately. He called the police for help.

Eric described the bodies of the lying pair appeared to be purple. 

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After the baby girl's mother was awake, she expressed gratitude to Eric and told that she and her husband were originally heroin addicts. They once received drug rehabilitation, while two years after treatment, the addiction relapsed.

The baby girl is now taken away from the parents and temporarily looked after by her relatives. The parents are accused of harming the children by the court and allowed to return home with $1,000 in bail.

Enthusiastic Eric puts the full story of the rescue of the baby girl on Facebook and writes to appeal to people to understand the harm of heroin.