Bride-to-be cancel wedding after knowing fiance addicted to pron films one week before marriage

A woman in Utah, the US, found her fiance was still watching porn films a week before they got married. She decided to cancel the wedding and break up with the man. 

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Claire Dalton, 21, was engaged to her a man, who she thought he was her Mr right, after they had a four-year relationship. However, before the two entered the auditorium, she found a painful thing that she couldn't bear. 

She accidentally discovered that her fiance had searched for multiple porn films when she used his phone to check the opening hours of a store.

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The couple disputed the issue and her fiance admitted that he had a problem, but Claire felt so sore and lonely, so she called to inform all guests that the wedding was cancelled.

"I feel that the spirit is traumatized and very scared." The incident has raised a discussion online and many netizens think Claire has overreacted, questioning why she can't accept the interest of her fiance.

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Facing thousands of doubts, Claire, who believes in Mormonism, said, "You are right to think that I am fleeing. But when the person who is engaged with me violates the law of God, there will be no honesty there. There is no love.”

The love in her heart represents truth and purity, and is dominated by God, but the action of her fiance completely violate her values, which she sees as deceiving. 

Claire believes that the erotic addiction not only destroys his fiance's life, but also the relationships between him and other people.

"For those who say men will watch pornography, they are like saying all men only care about their self-satisfaction and desire, not their wife, children, and loved ones in life."

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Netizens have diverse views towards Claire's reaction. Some agree with her idea of love, but most people say that she didn't practice forgiveness.