To revenge on girlfriend, man abuses her cat to death by shaking and beating it

This is heartbreaking. :'(

A man from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, has been captured by the surveillance camera installed in his girlfriend's house, abusing her cat to death. 

The animal owner checked the live video filmed by the surveillance camera and found her cat unmoved. She replayed the clip and discovered her boyfriend shaking the innocent kitten and repeatedly plunking it on the floor. The animal was abused to death. 

Video screencap

Video screencap

According to the video, the cat had tried to escape to the bottom of a chair after being plunked for 6-7 times. However, the man picked it up and threw it on the ground again. He even beats it with his slippers, causing its death. 

Video screencap

The girlfriend posted the video to the Facebook group and called the police. She said, "I couldn't make my cat alive but hug it at last moments of life. I couldn't imagine, when I was not here, how much pain he brought to my cat on every hit.

Video screencap

Many netizens slammed on the man out of rage, saying, "rubbish!", "You can choose not to love it, but don't harm it", "Cats trust humans while they abuse them like that!"

Local police said that they had received the report.  They found the cat has no breathing and heartbeats when they accompanied the woman to visit her rental house. The man disappeared.

The woman admitted to the police that she had attempted to break up with her boyfriend a few days before the incident. She moved out of the unit that they rented together first.

The authorities said that they will investigate the case and if find the incident true, the man will be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than two years, criminal detention or fine.