Father shots 6-month-old son to death after being rejected by wife to have sex with him

What an innocent baby!

A 25-year-old man from Brazil, Maycon Salustiano Silva, shot his 6-month-old son to death because he was angry with his wife, Jeniffer, not having sex with him. He was arrested and charged with a couple of charges. 

Online photo

Online photo

According to local media, neighbours heard a loud crying and screaming sound of Jennifer when the incident happened. They called the police when they found the dispute suddenly stopped and turned quiet. 

An ambulance took the 6-month-old boy Michel to the hospital for treatment, but declare his death two hours later. The police said Jennifer had been too scared and fainted. She told the police afterwards, "I have no idea how long I had fainted. I have lost the memory after Silva fired."

Online photo

Online photo

The report also said that before the incident, Jennifer was sleeping, but she was woken up by her husband and asked to make love with her. She refused because she was too tired. Later, the husband threatened her with a pistol. After a while of quarrels, the husband became emotional. He rushed to the son Michel, who was sleeping in the crib, and threatened to say, "Do you believe I'll shoot?"

In just a moment, Silva really shot and killed his son. After the police arrived at the scene, he was arrested and sued for murder, illegal possession of weapons and domestic violence.

The suspect has no criminal record in the past. The young couple got married for 4 years, and both of them showed great affection in front of their friends and no one expect the tragedy.