Runner molests roadside cheerleader in Beijing Marathon

Cheeky man!

Marathon always requires one's endurance. Participants may be more motivated to keep running if they get cheered in the race. However, not everyone deserves these encouragements.

A male marathon runner has been captured molesting a cheerleader in the game holding in Beijing recently. After the video being revealed, it has gone viral online, arousing heated discussion among netizens.

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According to the video, the man deliberately reaches out his hand and touches a woman's breast who is cheering on the roadside for the participants. The woman is scared and shrinks backwards, but it seems too quick to react for her. The cheeky man even leaves with a  smile and continues to run as if he is a winner.

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Many netizens are filled with indignation after watching the footage. They doxxed the man’s personal information. After that, a screenshot of a message showing the man's response to the incident disclosed, "What if I knew? I just touched her belly, but no other places." 


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The majority of the cheerleaders are volunteers from colleges. This scandal is very likely to embarrass, or even shame the organizing committee and other participants.

It's allegedly that Beijing police has been involved in the investigation. Many netizens say that the victim must be treated and protected with justice. They also hope the reputation of the Beijing marathon will not be destroyed by such a ridiculous sexual harassment scandal.

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