Turns out you’ve been pronouncing Ariana Grande and Chrissy Teigen wrong

Prepare yourself for the truth.

You’ve probably read and heard the names Ariana Grande and Chrissy Teigen before, but have they been pronounced correctly?

Well, it’s these names which have sparked a discussion online, because as you’ll see from the clip below of an interview Ariana had with Apple’s Beats 1 radio station – Grande isn’t how you think it sounds.

The life-changing realizations don’t stop there either, oh no.

After that clip of Grande, 25, was shared to Twitter, model and author Teigen was drawn into the conversation – and revealed her name is just as misconstrued.

Mind blowing, but that’s just the start of it.

Similar to Grande, it turns out Teigen also lets people mispronounce her name.


And just for confirmation, she even shared a video of her pronouncing her surname the correct way – including confirmation from her mum.

What a time to be alive.

Well, at least there are others out ther who feel her pain.

Gif? Jif? Hif?