These firefighters rescued a trapped young deer and its mum

The deer had apparently been trapped for some time.

A young deer and its mum had a lucky escape when they were rescued from a sticky situation by a crew of firefighters.

The animals were trapped in a retention pond – a manmade basin used to manage storm water – hemmed in by walls as high as 30 feet in Cherokee County, Georgia.

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The crew used ladders and animal capture poles to catch the doe, who was reported to be thin and weak having been trapped for some time.

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The younger deer was tougher to catch and took around 30 minutes to corner, before it too was also captured by the firefighters.

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The deer were transferred to animal control specialists and will eventually be released back into local woodland.

Cherokee County Fire and Emergency Services shared the story on Twitter, where animal lovers thanked them for their work.

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“This is pure awesomeness!” said one while another added: “God bless each one of you for caring! Beautiful story!”