Six packs saves man's life after he was passed by 2-ton garbage truck

"I used to think that the park was a safe place until this happened…" said Moore. 

Jack Moore, a 21-year-old man from Norwich, Britain, dated his girlfriend out to sunbathe in Earlham Park. When they were snoozing in the sunshine, they were suddenly smashed by a garbage truck weighing two tons.

Moore's stomach and navel were excessively smashed, and both his lungs and liver severely damaged. His girlfriend's collarbone, sternum, and some other parts were fractured in great pain.

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Fortunately, this couple were sent to hospital right away and saved. The doctor later told Moore that thanks to his passion for sports, his six-pack saved his life!

Moore recalls the moments, saying he was too painful to talk after being passed by the car. The witnesses all came to help, trying to keep them calm. Soon after the ambulance arrived, he completely lost consciousness. When Moore woke up again, he found himself was lying on the bed and saw a long scar on his chest that stretched all the way to the groin.

"The doctor says that I am very fortunate. If there is no six-pack blocking the gravity of the tire, my internal organs may be hurt even more.”

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The driver of is fined 195 pounds and got fired. The cleaning company says that the driver was distracted during that time which led to the tragedy.

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Due to this accident, Moore is also suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD), which prevents him from going to the toilet right now.

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