Ill wife abandoned by her alleged husband and taken away from her baby

So ruthless!          

A 27-year-old woman called Qianqian (alias) from Xiamen, Fujian, wished the relationship with her young boyfriend Xiao Hu (alias), seven years old younger than her, could lead to a happy ending.

After three years of romance, she left Xiamen to Chongqing for pursuing her ideal marriage. She thought she could have a grand wedding and move into their new house after she gave birth to her son. Her boyfriend’s parents even promised to buy a car for her.

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But her happiness lasted short. After her son was born, everything just has changed. Postpartum complications occurred in her heart with thrombosis, epilepsy and other symptoms. She was diagnosed with lymphoma later.

Now, her merciless boyfriend’s family take away her son and leave her alone fighting the disease. Qianqian wants nothing but her little son. She says, “they can abandon me. I just want to bring my child back to Xiamen.”

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"I’m so ugly now, right? My hair falls out. But I looked pretty even when I was pregnant," the mother says. Looking at her old photo, she says that after two phases of chemotherapy, her face and chin become swollen and her arms get some bruise.

At beginning, Xiao Hu’s family was willing to look after her, amd er mother, Ms Zhang, also rushed to Chongqing, taking caring of her in turns with Xiao Hu. But gradually, she finds that the attitude of Xiao Hu’s family has changed. The family don’t want her to contact with Xiao Hu, and often sits at her bedside, discussing the issue of treatment costs with her.

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Qianqian has now received two phases of chemotherapy, and the cost of the first phase was paid by Xiao Hu’s family. At first, every time after receiving treatment, Xiao Hu would drive to the hospital and pick her up. However, since 6th September, after his father rushes to Chongqing, her boyfriend has appeared since then. She can’t contact Xiao Hu’s family and doesn’t know where her son is.

Until 13th September, when she returned to Xiao Hu’s home, she met him but refused to explain anything. She also found that the house was already empty.

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Ms Zhang says that even though her daughter has lymphoma, she would not have a series of complications and delayed the treatment if she did not give birth to the baby.

Ms Zhang says, "my daughter exchanged his life for the have the baby. How can they take him away?" The last time Qianqian saw her son was on 3 September. At that time, her brain nerves were pressed due to the thrombus, causing the body paralyzed and she was sent to the emergency room for rescue.  She could only see her son from the crack of the door. “I miss my baby. They steal my baby."

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Last Sunday, Xiao Hu suddenly sent a message to her on WeChat. It says "I will give back all your things I can find. The rest will be sent to you once they are found out. I will give you a legal document in several days. If you are in a hurry, you can go to Xiamen first.” Then Qianqian can’t reach him anymore.

Qianqian now looks at her son’s previous videos and photos every day, and she is confused about her future. "His whole family is out of touch. I don’t know if my baby can get used to drinking milk formulas. It’s getting cold. Do they buy clothes for my baby? The doctor says it’s improbable for me to give another birth in the future, or it may kill me.”