11 brilliant and entertaining ways to shut down a conversation

‘I said good day, sir.’

Human interaction is great and all, but sometimes you just don’t want to be in a conversation.

Getting out of such situations is a delicate art form, but fortunately for you Reddit user u/Xavi__ sparked a conversation online which may give you a few pointers.

The Redditor asked their fellows to share their best conversation shut downs – so get your notepad ready, because these are 11 of the best answers.


2. From user SaltyNibba

“Slapping the legs whilst standing up and saying ‘right.'”


4. From user FuelingHappiness

“‘My battery is at 1% so if I disappear that’s why’ is my go to! It doesn’t work so well in person but I’ve tried it…”


6. From user Kay_Elle

“Go to the bathroom.

“Never come back.”


8. From user SearchingForKokomo

“Hey man, I’d like to stay, but I’ve got class in 30 minutes so I’ve gotta go.”


10. From user PrincessFirefly23

“‘If I don’t go, I’ll miss my bus home.’ Only applies when I am not home.

“When I am home : ‘I want to go watch horror movies / animes Want to join?’ Works every time.”