8 mundane but mind-blowing epiphanies

From the colour of Abraham Lincoln’s skin to the truth about artichoke hearts.

An epiphany is, by definition, a moment of revelation – but ironically it is often when you realise something that was obvious and simple to everyone else that makes it a truly memorable moment.

Writer Shannon Proudfoot posed a question regarding just such moments to her followers on Twitter, asking: “What’s the most mundane but thunderous epiphany you ever had?”

Here are eight of the best responses.

1. The faces on coins aren’t true to life

2. JK Rowling likes a pun

3. There are no money launderettes

4. Nothing is killed for an artichoke heart

5. The first meal of the day is exactly that

6. Babies aren’t amphibious

7. A A Milne likes onomatopoeia

8. The Jacksons are a successful family

Admit it, one of these caught you off guard.