Online tool helps parents find the perfect time for Santa to deliver gifts

The Christmas Sleep Calculator uses a child’s age and bedtime to figure out when they will be in their deepest sleep.

Christmas is a difficult time of year for any parent, so one company has created an online tool to try to make one part a little easier – when Santa should deliver gifts to children.

The Christmas Sleep Calculator, made by furnishings company Hillarys, gives parents some exact times for when kids will be fast asleep, based on how old they are and when they go to bed.

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Parents first need to enter the age of their child and their bedtime to the page on the Hillarys website and, based on that information, the calculator works out an average sleep pattern for a child of that age and when they are most likely to be sleeping deeply, dreaming of Christmas morning.

The Christmas Sleep Calculator aims to give parents an idea of when their children will be in their deepest sleep (Hillarys/PA)

“We’ve also factored in the amount of time it takes for children to fall asleep after bedtime, which may be substantially longer on Christmas Eve,” reads a statement on the website.

Got a six-year-old who goes to bed at 9pm? Hillarys reckons the best time for, ahem, “Santa” to visit will be at 12:45 in the morning.

Users can ask for a slightly later or earlier time to suit their needs and the calculator will update the result to make sure it is still during the child’s deepest phase of sleep.

A screenshot from the results page of Hillarys Christmas Sleep Calculator (Hillarys/PA)

Tara Hall, a spokeswoman for Hillarys, said: “It’s such an exciting time of year that it’s no surprise that getting Santa to visit without waking up the kids is incredibly difficult.

“We hope this tool allows parents to get presents set up quickly and quietly, keeping any surprises for the morning.”

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Just make sure Santa has his beard on tight in case the kiddies try to sneak a peek.