Marcelo Bielsa’s Powerpoint press conference: The funniest Twitter reactions

The Leeds United manager did not resign and admitted spying on all the club’s rivals this season.

Leeds United head coach Marcelo Bielsa’s emergency press conference proved to be a unique source of entertainment.

The Argentinian called the conference after admitting he ordered a member of club staff to watch Derby County training last week before Leeds’ 2-0 win over the Pride Park side.

Leeds defender Pontus Jansson commented on reports claiming Bielsa was set to resign during the conference by tweeting: “Haha already 1 of April on your office?”

The club’s official Twitter account later responded with a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio playing Jordan Belfort in The Wolf Of Wall Street, in a scene in which he famously says “I’m not ****ing leaving.”

It’s fair to say Leeds fans were relieved to discover the man who carried them to the top of the Championship was not announcing his departure from the club.

Instead of resigning, Bielsa told reporters Leeds have “observed all the rivals” they have played this season, not just Derby County, much to the amazement of those watching.

Bielsa went on to introduce a presentation and some speculated it might contain reference to Derby manager Frank Lampard, who criticised Bielsa for the debacle which has become known as Spygate.

Instead though Bielsa’s Powerpoint contained extensive details of Derby’s tactics and style of play, as examples of the research done by the club on their opponents.

The coach said he has information on every Championship player, including exactly how many minutes each player has played in varying positions, which drew admiration from many sports journalists.

Bielsa even said he once sent Pep Guardiola his dossier on Barcelona as a gift, to which the now Manchester City manager said he knew more about all his players than he did.

Unsurprisingly then, people also believed Bielsa might know more about Derby than Lampard.

Bielsa gave the presentation in Spanish with a translator, adding: “I can’t speak English but I can speak about the 24 teams in the Championship.”

Despite Prime Minister Theresa May facing a vote of no confidence in the House of Commons, the Argentinian and his Powerpoint presentation was the top trending topic on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon.

Many shrewdly suggested productivity in the city of Leeds may have stagnated during the presentation.

Indeed some thought Bielsa’s presentation was merely a distraction whilst his staff scouted Leeds’ next opponents, Stoke City.

Bielsa completed his speech with something of a mic drop.

After the press conference, BBC journalist Adam Pope shared a video of stacks of files Bielsa had laid out, filled with data on Leeds’ opponents.

All in all, Bielsa made quite the impression on football fans.

Strong words.