People are discussing the phrases they use over and over again in their jobs

Because everyone else’s job is just as annoying as yours.

Every job has its cliches.

Whether it’s jargon you use with colleagues, responses to customers or conversations you find yourself having over and over again about your job, there are certain phrases you find yourself repeating continually.

People on Twitter have been discussing the phrases that always pop up thanks to their job.

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Perhaps people get your job mixed up with another job.

Or perhaps you just don’t quite know your way around yet.

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Of course there are some jobs that everybody has an opinion on.

Some people’s jobs may have been slightly misrepresented on TV.

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And some are more glamorous than others.

Sometimes people want you to use your skills nefariously.

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Sometimes the biggest cause of stress in a job is the customers.

And sometimes the biggest cause of stress is your kids.

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