Filmmaker David Lynch teaching a class on creativity

According to filmmaker David Lynch, all it takes are 70 ideas to make a feature film.

The visionary mind behind "Blue Velvet," ''Mulholland Drive" and "Twin Peaks" is imparting this and other wisdom, like never giving up final cut, in a new MasterClass on creativity and filmmaking that's available now for enrollment online.

Lynch joins an esteemed lot of MasterClass instructors from Martin Scorsese to Spike Lee. Prices range from $90 for one class to $180 for unlimited access.

FILE - This May 19, 2017 file photo, David Lynch, co-creator, director and executive producer of "Twin Peaks," appears at the premiere of the Showtime series in Los Angeles. The "Blue Velvet” director has joined the MasterClass faculty with an online class about creativity and filmmaking. He outlines the process for “catching ideas”, the importance of daydreaming and setting “bait” for creative ideas. (Photo by Chris PizzelloInvisionAP, File)

In his class, Lynch talks about the value of daydreaming for catching ideas. He also extols the importance of studying classic films and why he doesn't like rules.

Lynch says he was drawn to the idea that a MasterClass could make a difference to new filmmakers.