#CarAlarmChallenge has social media users screaming

Some may want to turn the volume down for this article.

A girl’s uncanny ability to replicate the sound of a car alarm has prompted a trend on social media that is not easy on the ears.

The #CarAlarmChallenge was inspired by Twitter user @P_gibb, whose grating but accurate recreation has been viewed millions of times.

The rise to viral fame for the vocally-gifted social media star inspired a host of others to try and recreate the feat.

The technique used by @P_gibb sees her tapping her throat as she wails a constant note, but unfortunately for some brave copycats it seems it is a difficult skill to master.

However, some attempts have been quite accurate.

And some even managed to find their own tone of alarm.

The discussion the #CarAlarmChallenge has started does not stop with noisy car security however.

Other Twitter users took the opportunity to show off sounds they can imitate.