Puppy rescued after being snatched by owl and dropped on golf course

Latte was back with her foster family after a weekend at the vet.

A puppy escaped largely unhurt after being carried away by an owl and dropped on a golf course.

Latte was in the backyard of her foster family’s home in Scottsdale, Arizona late last week when the bird swooped and snatched her up, according to Foothills Animal Rescue.


IT'S ARIZONA GIVES DAY and Latte could use your help! This little 12-week-old puppy was snatched from her foster family'…

Posted by Foothills Animal Rescue on Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Bonnie Ziegler, who was looking after the 12-week-old puppy and her three siblings, said she let the dogs out of the house for a “supervised potty break” but only three came back.

“I didn’t hear a sound and the other puppies didn’t bark,” she said. “It was as if she just vanished. We immediately started searching and soon our neighbours joined in.”

The puppy was not found until 12 hours later when golfers stumbled across her on a nearby course, dehydrated and weak under a tree.

Latte the puppy with scars from owl talons
Latte suffered puncture wounds to her head and neck (Foothills Animal Rescue)

Latte was left with puncture wounds around her neck and skull, and spent the weekend at an emergency veterinary clinic.

But after a weekend of treatment she was back with Ziegler and her family.

Foothills is now appealing for help to cover the 4,500 dollar (£3,400) medical costs.