Brewery produces beer designed to be drunk through a Tim Tam

The classic Australian chocolate biscuit now has a beer to go with it.

Anyone who has been to Australia will know the special joy of drinking a cuppa through a Tim Tam.

The practice, sometimes called a Tim Tam Slam, involves biting opposite corners off the Penguin-like snack and sucking up the hot drink through the biscuit.

Now for those wanting the ultimate Australian experience, a brewery has produced a beer which is designed be drunk exactly the same way.

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Hey there @gabsfestival got this badboy and maybe even a lil somethin’ extra coming your way!

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Appropriately named Tim Tam Slam, the beer produced by Big Shed Brewing is a sweet stout clocking in at 6% ABV and will be on offer at the upcoming Great Australasian Beer Spectacular.

The description on the festival’s website reads: “You know what this is. Coffee, Tim Tam… you’ve done it before and moaned a little as the bikkie melted in your mouth.

“Give this one an extra kick by sucking it through a Tim Tam…”

The Great Australasian Beer Spectacular takes place in various locations across Australia and New Zealand over the next couple of months, starting in Brisbane on April 27.